May 15, 2020

COVID-19: Keeping Clients Safe as they resume their Skin Care Treatments

In this blog, Essential Life Skin Care Clinic discusses its sanitization protocols, what it will be doing differently in this COVID-19 era, and some additional changes to keep its clients safe.

As we plan ahead to the eventual reopening our skin care clinic we are mindful that Toronto is still recording new confirmed Covid-19 cases every day. But life has to go on, we have to continue living, we have to continue earning income to take care of our families, we have to continue being a successful part of our business organizations, and we have to continue to look confident and exude confidence if we are going to lead our teams to a successful post Covid-19 recovery. And that means we have to resume our in-clinic skin care treatments too so that all of the gains we have made in bringing our acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea, and skin laxity under control is not lost.

Keeping Clients Safe as they resume their Skin Care Treatments

At Essential Life Skin Care Clinic, all of our staff are trained in proper sanitization protocols and are very knowledgeable about disinfecting standards and products. We know what to do to keep you safe from Covid-19, now and in the future.

Enhancing our Disinfecting Practices to Keep Our Clients Safer

As a skin care clinic, Essential Life Skin Care Clinic is already held to higher standards of cleanliness and sanitization.  We are very knowledgeable in disinfecting standards and protocols as this is critical to the success of our clinic and we current implement such protocols in our clinic.  Our clients know our clinic cleanliness and sanitization is top grade and meets all health and safety requirements. Our clinic is subject to the City of Toronto’s regulations for skin care clinics, must comply with all of the required sanitization standards, and must display our Compliance Certificate for our clients to see that we have passed all health and safety standards. Notwithstanding our already high standards we will be doing even more to make our clients feel safe, secure, and anxiety-free in these challenging times.

1. Handwashing

Many of our clients already wash their hands upon entering our clinic as they actively participate during their skin care consultations and product application training. We expect all of our clients will now be thoroughly washing their hands prior to the start of their consultations and prior to their treatments. We will provide clients access to hand sanitizers and handwashing stations at all times. Our clinicians already rigorously follow the Public Health Agency of Canada hand washing guidelines and will continue to do so without exception.

2. Disinfection and Sanitization

All commonly touched surfaces in our clinic are normally disinfected using Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) and/or 70% Alcohol before and after each client visit. As an added protective measure we will now increase the frequency of our sanitizing procedures and do this continuously during the day. AHP is a synergistic blend of safe ingredients¹ with Hydrogen Peroxide (this is not the 3% hydrogen peroxide retail version) to increase potency and cleaning performance. AHP was the recommended disinfectant by Public Health Authorities during the 2003 SARS outbreak. Alongside AHP, we use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol which is between the 60%-80% alcohol solution recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are also adding additional time between appointments to give our clients time to exit the clinic fully to minimize contact with other clients and to give our staff sufficient time in between appointments to disinfect all client contact surfaces (door handles, counter tops, treatment beds, etc.) including laser equipment and other tools.

3. Masks, Gloves, and Shoe Covers

For your added safety, and our staff's safety too, clients will be required to wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers while in the clinic – we will provide masks, gloves, and shoe covers as required. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidelines which state that a simple cloth face mask can prevent transmission by those who have Covid-19 but might not know it. Please note that cloth face masks do not necessarily protect you from Covid-19 from others – it is a preventative measure to protect others in case you are a carrier without knowing it (asymptomatic). Cloth masks are cheap and easy to make with numerous instructions online, but please note that they are not substitutes for physical distancing. We also ask that you do not touch your face/mask at any time. If you accidentally touch your mask, you must wash or sanitize your hands.

4. Physical Distancing

For the safety of our clients, front-desk staff, and clinicians there will be a strict policy of no physical contact between staff and clients such as handshakes and hugs. Unless absolutely necessary, please arrive without your spouse, partner, children, etc. to minimize crowding in the clinic. Throughout your treatment your clinician will be wearing a mask, a visor and gloves with a focus on assuring you that you are in a safe treatment environment. If your treatment does not apply to your face you will be offered a mask to wear during your non-facial treatment.

5. Covid-19 Sanitization Protocols at 5775 Yonge Street

Our clinic location, 5775 Yonge Street, is a Class A Toronto building with uncompromising Covid-19 disinfecting protocols. The building management has highly visible additional dedicated day staff to focus on increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection in high density and high-touch areas, such as building and elevator lobbies; elevator interiors, buttons and surfaces; restrooms; building entrances; handrails; trash containers; and other frequently touched surfaces. The building's cleaning staff utilizes approved disinfectants and has received COVID 19 training sessions on cleaning protocols and proper use of disinfectants.

9 Steps to Keep You Safe as our Economy Reopens for Business

For your personal protection from COVID-19, and to show the people around you that you care about keeping them safe too, we encourage you to continue to follow these steps as you resume normal living activities and start to venture out:
  1. Keep your hands away from your face
  2. Don’t touch your hair and consider covering your hair – your hair is like a magnet for anything floating around in the air but more important than covering your hair is not touching your hair with your hands (gloved or not)
  3. Wear a mask
  4. Wear a visor – added protection to prevent any droplets from getting to your face even if you feel the likelihood is remote
  5. Wear disposable or reusable gloves
  6. Wear simple clothing that can be easily laundered when you get home – dressing practically will have to become the new norm. You will be sitting on and coming in contact with many surfaces when you are out so you will need to launder your clothing as soon as you get home.
  7. Wash your hands with soap and water as required during the day. If you can’t get to a handwashing station use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  8. When you return home (your safe sanctuary), for all of your personal protective items that can’t be put into the washer or washed with soap and water, sanitize them with 70% alcohol and leave them to air dry; a spray bottle works best.
  9. And your shoes? Wear shoes that you can sanitize as you will have to spray them with 70% alcohol too.

Our Recommended Top Three Approved Disinfectants for Covid-19

There's likely more than three viable disinfectants but if the list is more than three that takes away from keeping the solution simple and will likely result in less commitment to sanitization. The spick and span polished look that we all like does not necessarily mean that a surface is properly disinfected as this could simply mean that the disinfectant was saturated and immediately wiped off to show a shiny, glowing surface. For disinfectants to work they must remain wet on the surface and be allowed to air dry on its own. its the wet contact with surfaces that allows the disinfectant to work and to kill viruses. So don't be too fussed if the finish of your floors, appliances, sinks or counter tops have a bit of a smeared look. After the disinfectant has thoroughly dried you can then buff the surface to your desired finish.
  1. Soap and Water - lather and rub both hands vigorously together for at least 20 seconds.
  2. 70% Alcohol Solution - (must be between 60% and 80%; 90% does not work). Use a spray bottle, saturate well, and allow to air dry. Do not wipe off the excess as alcohol needs at least 30 minutes of contact to kill viruses. Alcohol takes longer to sanitize but is a more affordable alternative to AHP discussed below.
  3. AHP - Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide - this is the fastest acting and proven solution to destroy the Covid-19 virus and other surface viruses. The most convenient option is the wet wipes and once again leave the wet surface to air dry. While it causes no ill effects, we recommend that you wear gloves while using AHP wipes to avoid the whitening effect that occurs when hydrogen peroxide touches your skin. You can purchase AHP wipes from Amazon or other sources under brands such as Rescue, Virox or Accel.

Essential Life Skin Care Clinic is committed to preventing and containing the spread of Covid-19 and to protect our staff, our clients, and our communities. We look forward to welcoming you back to our clinic in a safe and anxiety-free environment.

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